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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Raise you're hand if you also hate your hair? If I could describe my hair in one word it would be BLERGH. I've recently had my hair cut and dyed by Amy at North Laine Salon in Brighton and it looks stunning once I left the stunning but since then I am having serious styling issues. Up-dos and braid is can crush, they're my bitch. What I really struggle with is having my hair down. It's fine, then as soon as I step outside, BOOM, it just looks awful. Hair extensions were my best friend but in 2017, I've decided to take a step back from that destructive relationship and focus on me #newyearnewme.

I thought I would experiment on products which will improve my opinions on my hair. It always looks so flat, dry and fine, so this month I went for volume. I want the biggest hair EVER!! I brought the volume shampoo and conditioner, the 3 minute miracle winter remedy deep conditioning treatment and I also got then miracle recharge heat spray - all from boots. 

My hair has pretty much doubled in size since using these magic products. It's seriously so soft and although it still feels fine it doesn't look it as much which has made me happy. I just want to touch it all the time. Styling wise, I am still struggling to make any style actually hold, but I am sure now my hair feels a lot happier then that will come in time.

I've bee watching an insane amount of Milabu tutorials to help me learn how to style my shorter than short hair. She's so adorable and is helping a lot, I just want her to come over everyday to do my hair, that would be so useful.

January Favourites

Saturday, 4 February 2017 Brighton, UK

My January favorites has been requested this week, so here it is!! Introducing my favorite things of January. I never know how I feel about favorite blog posts as I can never tell it looks mega materialist or not. But nether the less I have done one anyway and I will try and add an something special in each month. If you have any questions about anything in the post, where to buy it? What's it like etc. feel free to ask in the comments below or tweet me. 


1. My Harry Potter Polyjuice potion glass. I LOVE HARRY POTTER!! The HP series is my all time favorite so when I found out Primark were selling these beauties for £3.50. I had to have one, it was just rude not too. The Brighton Primark is probably the worst Primark of all time, so the first time I went to look for these they were no where to be seen, I was quite pissed as I had left the house in the pouring rain especially and on my second hunt a week later, they were hidden by the customer service desk. If I hadn't have done about 8 laps of the home where section I would have never of found them. I brought three, one for my self and two for my best bitches.

2. The real techniques beauty sponge. I actually found this for £3.99 in TKMAXX. I have never owned a proper beauty blender as I can't justify the £16 price tag. It seems a bit crazy to me but TKMAXX have a huge selection of make up blending sponges. Some do look pretty rubbish but when I saw this one I had to try it. My last one was grubby AF, even after daily washing, that make up was not coming out and I felt gross putting it on my face. I saw a video where Kristin Leanne cut hers open to see how gross is was inside and it was vile, so I did this last night and it was gross but not as gross as I thought it would be. So far this one seems to be pretty nice, I love the flat surface so i can properly push the foundation into my skin.

3. The NYX lingerie lipstick - 02 EMBELLISHMENT. I hate lip colour on myself, I think my lips are a weird shape, they're always really dry and that generally lip colour is not something that I can pull off. BUT, I am actually super into the dark brown shade. I wore it on a night out and it lasted all night long and when I drunkenly went to bed with it still on, I woke up in the morning and it still had not budged. It's really long lasting, matte and moisturising. And for £6.50 it's an absolute bargain. 

4. Zoey Cupcakes. One of my best friends has recently started her own little cupcake IG page (yes that is a Harry Potter cupcake in the picture). As much as I am trying to loose weight, it is hard to say no when something takes that good. They're hands down probably the best cup cakes I have ever tried, she's got some serious skill and those rose pipped cupcakes are so beautiful. If you are local to Brighton you have to try them!! 

5. This vintage looking espresso maker. My dad actually got me this for Christmas but as I didn't see him until January I am adding it in here. I am not a big fan of coffee at all but for all who know me, I love espresso martinis and this little silver pot of joy has helped me create those delicious treats at home. I am still thrown at how it works, it's split into two sections, you add hot water and coffee too the bottom and it comes out the top half like a little fountain. I love the vintage style and it's going to look hella cute stored in my kitchen when we finally move house. 


I am already cheating at this album of the month thing. January is more like ... song of the month. As you've all probably heard, Sonny Moore aka Skrillex released a new track with his old band, and my all time favorite emo band, From First to Last on his birthday - 10th Jan. AND HOLY SHIT IT IS GOOD. I have had it on constant repeat for the last couple of weeks, I am totally obsessed and I can't deal. I almost did a cry when I found out. The thing is no one knows what is going on and there are so many questions!! Are they going to tour? Is Sonny back in the band? Is there going to be an album? Is it just this one song? WHAT IS GOING ON SOME ONE NEEDS TO TELL ME!! You can listen to it below.


Urgh!! Clothes and dressing myself. Nope, that is not for me, give me fluffy jammies and an oversized jumper any day. But I guess I do have to get up, go to work and be social sometimes. I found this beauty in the Topshop sale for £15. I adore playsuits, I know most thick thighed people like myself totally avoid them as your foof ends up eating the crutch part, but if you find the right one that doesn't happen. 

I love everything about this playsuit. It hides my belly, the bat wing arms are perfect as they hide my arms and just bring some thing special to the look, I love that it's low cut and I love the cut of the lace. This is just 10 / 10 for me, I can not fault it. It's even easy to pull off when you're drunk and need to wee, what more can you want. It is more of a going out playsuit as it's pretty boobie, but I've also paired this with a black strapless crop top to make it less revealing.  

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