My birthday adventure - Disney Land Paris edition

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Soooooooooo, no big deal but I went to Disney Land for my 26th birthday and it was the most MAGICAL thing ever. I went with Sean, Tania and Jack. I thought I would share 10 most useful tips of the trip, just in case you were thinking of visiting some time soon - which I highly recommend. 

SIDE NOTE - Before you start reading, Tania has also posted about our trip and you can read it on her blog, it cracked me up so much.

Top tips for Disney Land

1. Accommodation

We decided not to stay at a Disney Land resort / hotel and I am really pleased about our decision. We stayed at the Relais Spa in Chessy and honestly it was a 3 minute drive from Disney, the hotel provided a free shuttle bus to Disney upon request, which was an unexpected surprise as we had planned to get the train or walk. The hotel was absolutely beautiful, so fancy pants and our rooms were huge, they were like mini apartments with a bedroom, separate kitted out kitchen and bathroom. It was the same price as staying at a Disney hotel, but we were only a 5 minute walk from a huge shopping mall, where we found Sephora and NYX.

(We did have to pay 9 euro tax and a 100 euro deposit on arrival which was fine as it gets refunded as soon as you check out. So if you do stay here then come prepared.)

2. Fast Pass - If you can splash out and get a fast pass then do. We were kindly given one at City Hall because if you haven't already seen already on IG, I fell down some steps when I went to see Dream Boys and tore the ligaments / tendons in my foot in 3 places (I have a doctors note and everything). I don't think that we would have been able to get around the whole of Magic Kingdom if we didn't have the glorious golden ticket aka fast pass. It just meant that we could go all the things you'd usually skip if you were only there for a day and could do other things rather than queue for 90 minutes for a ride.

3. Food DUH!! The food as Disney Land isn't as expensive as you think, particularly if you eat at counter service resturants, on average you spend about 15 euros for a meal, this includes a hot dish, a side, a pudding and a drink. We ate at Pizzeria Bella Notte and Blockbuster cafe.

Also, I was a little let down that there was hardly any Micky Mouse themed food. How was I meant to get that perfect pintrest food photo with regular shaped food? Maybe it's just in the US that has the fancy food?

4. Cocktails - Have you seen those glow-tinis on pintrest? Of course you have, they're famous!! We found a bar and decided to drink at least 8000 of them, unfortunately they tasted like butthole, but the glowy ice cube you got was an amazing souvenir.

5. Rides rides rides rides rides - Rated out of 10, so you know what to queue for and what to skip if you're pushed for time.

Magic Kingdom

  • 10/10 - Big Thunder Mountain
  • 6/10 - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril
  • 4/10 - It's a small world 
  • 5/10 - Carousel
  • 2/10 - The Aladdin thing
  • 2/10 -Pinocio voyage
  • 0/10 Starwars Hyperspace Mountain - I would have been a 9/10 but we had a scary experience. Would not ride again. 
  • 4/10 - Peter Pan's Flight 
  • 8/10 -Phantom Manor 

Hollywood Studios

  • Crush's Coaster - 10/10
  • Rock and Roller - 9/10
  • Tower of Terror - 10/10
  • Studio tram tour - behind the magic - 8/10 
  • Toy soldiers parachute drop - 5/10
  • Cars 3/10

6. THE DRAGON - I loved the Dragon hanging out under the castle. HE WAS BADASS!! Not to be missed. I REPEAT NOT TO BE MISSED. I am not posting a photo of it because I don't want to ruin it for you.

7. Take tissues to the fireworks, I cried ... like, I cried hard. The only thing that made me stop crying was that the singing for The Little Mermaid and Frozen was in French, it confused me so much, so be prepared. I just expected it to be in English like it was in Orlando

8. DO NOT miss the parade. I missed it due to being stuck on an evil evil ride, I was so upset. I've seen it before, but it would have been nice to wave at a princess.

9. ONE FOR THE BOYS. Apparently Tower of Terror makes your balls tingle. Enough said.

10. Photo ops!! Me and Tania made a Pintrest board in advance so we didn't miss any chances to take photos. I know, that's probably a bit over the top butttttt, no fucks given. I had weeks worth of photos to upload.

If you are going soon or are thinking about booking, just stop what you're doing and do it. You will not regret it.

P.S. I bet you're thinking, who the fuck is Jack, why isn't he in any of your photos. Basically he hates me and didn't want to have his photo taken with me, I did ask .... soooooo that's awkward hahaha. 

P.P.S Talking off Jack. Jaffar shat him up so badly when he had his photo taken with him. We all thought it was a stature until it moved. I have never seen someone so shook, he thought it knocked it over. You know when you make someone jump and they are scared for a few seconds, then they figure out that there is nothing to be scared off and laugh it off. Imagine that, but for a whole 40 seconds, I've never regretted not filming anything more.

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