Blogmas Day 6 - 2017 Christmas adverts

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

I may have a slight obsession with Christmas adverts and I am sure I am not the only one, as the internet also looses is shit when John Lewes releases their emotional 2 minute christmas story. ALL THE FEELS!! So I thought I would share my top 5 Christmas adverts of 2017!! Surprisingly ... John Lewes didn't even make the cut this year ... weak!!


5. I am sorry but this Lidl advert speaks to me on a personal level ... I love food and I love to eat. There's a whole series of little Christmas stories, but this ones my fave.

4 - The Argos advert this year is pretty cool, it reminds me of Arthur Christmas, which is one of my family's favorite Christmas movies. 

3. This video may be 5 minutes long, but it's part of Vodaphone's 6 part love story and it's so good, I love a Christmas love story. For some reason I can't link it properly, so here's the URL.

2. Aldi's Christmas advert was a very close number 1. I kind of want to move it to first place because it is that good. It is absolutely AMAZING and so so funny, I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Watch it below to see why I am all about the carrot, which Aldi are selling by the way.

1. My number 1 Christmas advert this year goes to M&S. Paddington is just so cute, nostalgic and current, so it relates to every member of the family. I love the innocence of it and the Christmas cheer, it's like Home alone meets Paddington, a perfect combo.

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