Slam Dunk 2017

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The only way to describe this year is - HOLY SHIT BALLS!! When I saw the line up I wasn't as pumped as I usually am, but I'm the first to admit when I am wrong. After doing some band research and getting back into old that bands I had forgotten it was pretty much perfect. 

We drove up in the morning super early to meet Tania and Jack for Wetherspoons breakfast and hopefully check in to our hotel early, which we were unable to do. BOO!! If you ever stay at the Ramada in Hatfield, check in is from 2pm which means either missing the start of the day or checking in when you get back a lil' bit drunk. Which is the option we went wit, the bar is also open until 2am.

I was all over the Slam Dunk app this year, it was so useful and I totally loved the 15 minute notification reminder that popped up when a band from your favourite list was next up. These were the bands on my list, the ones highlighted in red are the people I unfortunately missed. I was being pretty optimistic on actually seeing them all but it was good to know who was on where and when.

Lets start from the top

Like Pacific

CRUSHED IT!! They played all the bangers and were a good   first band to see to get you pumped. I always hide at the back   at gigs, but the crowd were super into it so the atmosphere was good. Although the vocalist of Like Pacific would probably disagree, he didn't seem very happy at all. Maybe the last 2 days had made him overly grumpy and tired.

Trophy Eyes

I have to say, they were the band I most wanted to see and they did not disappoint, probably one of the best bands of the day. I would LOVE to see them again really soon. I was annoyed at myself for not buying their merch though.


I loved WSTR's set. Their set was so good, so much energy ... but no one loved it as much as Sean. I've never seen the boy dance and jump around that much. I think he burst my ear drum from singing so loud. Also shout out to WSTR for being the band that started mine and Tania's mime dancing to songs for the rest of the day.

Cute is what we aim for

I was never the biggest fan back in the day but seeing The Curse of Curves live was an emo dream.

With Confidence

Who even knew that I liked them that much. Not me!! I was into their set in a BIG way. Even though we missed the two best songs because we were peeing.


WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT. This was the point where I started to drink. I think I had 3 bottles of cider while they were playing. They were so arrogant, I don't know too much about their following but I am assuming it's pretty cult worthy as the vocalist was like "give it up for how talented I am" that just topped it for me ... no, so much no!! If you're wondering why we stuck around to witness how bad it was. We were having a little sit down as Tania's foot poorly (she fell down the stairs 2 weeks ago and it's still swollen and so so bruised), it was also smashing it down apparently. Sorry if you are into them but I was just not feeling them.


* This is Patrick
Tania's must see of the day as she's basically in love with bass player Patrick*... but you didn't hear that from me. I saw the first two songs before I had to run and catch The Gospel Youth. They're were pretty good, Tania and Jack were going crazy which made it better.

The Gospel Youth

I was a self proclaimed barrier babe. Front and center ... well not center, front and to the right a little bit. The Gospel Youth just make me happy. The fact that Sam's voice is so Disney just makes everything so much better. FLAWLESS!! 


Neck Deep

I had been hearing ALL DAY by every single band how good Enter Shikari's set was and it still wasn't appealing it to me. I would have gone for sorry your not a winner and that was it, so it seemed like a bit of a bit of a waste for me to go, when I could have been seeing a band that I actually really wanted to see.

Neck Deep were just so so good, from new songs to old we danced, sung until our voices were horse while trying not to spill out drinks. They were my favorite of the day just because me, Sean, Tania and Jack had been re-united after splitting up to see other bands. We sung every world to every song and ended Slam Dunk on a high and as a special treat they played Part of me which was just beautiful. Neck Deep even did a 20 second cover of sorry your not a winner, so I got to do the clap bit of that song anyways and lets face it, that's the only reason 99% of you went to see Enter Shikari anyways.

Slam Dunk you were an absolute dream, I love ya!! Until next year. 

ALSO did anyone actually see Bowling For Soup? I heard they were not good. I was reading tweets about how terrible and unfunny there were. 

HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO BEST GURL TANIA. Here is a photo of us in the same toilet where we first met, so romantic.

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