Blogmas day 11 - Secret santa gifts for under £10

Monday, 11 December 2017


 The Body Shop
 The Body Shop
 Sass & Belle 
 Marks and Spencer's
 £10 (3 for 2 on gifts)
 Sass & Bell
 £10 (3 for 2 on gifts)

Blogmas Day 9 - Christmas gifts for pets

Saturday, 9 December 2017

For anyone that doesn't know, I have a cat named Waffles. I may or may not be obsessed with him and in true cat nature he doesn't want anything to do with me unless he's being fed. Standard. He is the the inspiration behind this blogmas post. Here are some suggestions on what to get your fur babies for christmas. 


1. Whiskas Christmas stocking - £3
2. Ridiculously funny looking cat collar - £2
3. Christmas dinner - £3
4. A cat bowtie, I love this so much - £3
5. Unicorn hat for you cat. Transform your regular boring cat, into a magical CATICORN - £6.99
6. Dreamies selection pack - £5
7. Santa's hat cat bed. Cat's don't really use these but omg look at it - £10

8. Advent calendar - £2
9. Cat nip bauble so you cat can be merry - £3
10. CAT WINE. Pawsecco ... Genius - £2.69 

11. Cat tie equally as cute as it is smart - £3

 1. Beer for dogs BEER FOR DOGGOS, could you imagine if a dogs got drunk like people did hahaha - £2.49
2. Christmas dinner - £1.29 a tin
3 Penguin Christmas jumper HOW CUTE IS THIS- £12
4. Santa outfit make your dog internet famous- £10.99 / £11.99
5. Doggy Doughnuts  I am sorry but I know these are dog dogs, but I want one - £9.95
6. Doggy Hamper - £15
7. Chewy candy caines- £1.99
8.Mince pies - £1

What will you be buying your pet for Christmas this year?

Blogmas Day 8 - Christmas Playlist 2017 the Pop Punk / Emo addition.

Friday, 8 December 2017

You know your girl did it!! A pop punk / emo Christmas playlist. You're most welcome <3 I will be adding more as and when I find them. 

Find it HERE

1. Fall Out Boy - Yule shoot your eye out
2. New Found Glory - Nothing for Christmas
3. Issues - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays
4. All Time Low - Fools Holiday
5. Real Friends - I Had a Heart
6. Yellowcard - Christmas Lights  
7. William Beckett - Do you hear what I hear?
8. Blink 182 - Happy Holidays, You Bastard
9. My Chemical Romance - All I Want for Christmas is you
10. Jimmy Eat World - Last Christmas
11. Jarrod Alonge - 12 Days of Pop-Punk Christmas 
12. Rise Against - Making Christmas
13. Fountains of Wayne - I Want An Alien For Christmas 
14. Relient K - Deck the Halls 
15. Hawk Nelson - I Saw Three Ships
16. Traitors - Lonely This Christmas 
17. Fall Out Boy - What's This?
18. Relient K - We Wish You A Merry Christmas
19. The Used - Alone This Holiday 
20. Neck Deep - December 
21. Ramones - Merry Christmas
22. Never Shout Never - 30 Days
23. This Wild Life - Sleigh Ride
24. New Found Glory - Ex Miss
25. Sleeping With Sirens - Chritmas on the Road
26. NOFX - X-mas Has Been X'ed
27. Bowling For Soup - Merry Christmas
28. Linkin Park - My December
29. The Smashing Pumpkins - Chrismtastime 
30. Panic at the Disco - Hallelujah
31. Lemmy - Run Rudolph Run
32. New Found Glory - Snow
33. Lower Thank Atlantis - Merry Christmas 
34. Twisted Sister - I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus
35. Slade - Merry Xmas Everybody
36. The Summer Set - This Christmas
37. Emery - (Ho Ho Ho) A Way For Santa's Sleigh
38. The Wonder Years - Christmas at 22
39. The Almost - Little Drummer Boy
40. Jaymes Reunion - Rockin' Around the Christmas Playlist
41. Creeper - Fairytale Of New York
42. A Rocket To The Moon - Santa Claus Is Coming Town Town
43. Jimmy Eat World - Christmas Card
44. Bowling For Soup - We Wish You a Merry Christmas
45. Bowling For Soup - Frosty The Snowman
46. Stellar Kart - Punk the Halls
47. Forever The Sickest Kids - Mistletoe is for Quitters
48. A Day To Rember - Right Where You Want Me To Be
49. The Fold - This Christmas
50. Jack's Mannequin - The Lights And Buzz
51. Blink-182 - Boxing Day
52. The Venetia Fair - The Grinch
53. Kids in Glass Houses - Secret Santa
54. Allstar Weekend - Christmas Kisses
55. Artist Vs Poet - Christmas With you
56. A Change Of Pace - Christmas on the West Coast

Blogmas Day 7 - Work Christmas party

Thursday, 7 December 2017 Cromwell Rd, Kensington, London SW7 5BD, UK

This year my works Christmas party at the Natural History Museum ... Yes you read that correctly. As you can imagine, I was expecting big things and it did not disappoint. 

We were based in the space room, which randomly had a Stegosaurus skeleton hanging out, who was pretty awesome. The dining tables were situated under the earth and were beautifully decorated, the dance floor and the bar were located by the staircases. 

The food was extremely fancy pants and delicious, safe to say there wasn't a crumb left on my plate. To start I had Whiskey marmalade glazed ham with cumberland chutney, fennel, parsley and clementine, it was to die for and for my main I went for the veggie option of cauliflower cheese souffle, savoy cabbage, roasted butternut squash, parsnip cream. It was a bit like really creamy scrambled egg, but it tasted great. Now desert, I didn't know what I had ordered but it was this amazing chocolate tart / cheese cake thing. I could have happily eaten 8000 of them, I am a BIG desert person and this was my perfect desert.  

There was a free bar which we all took full advantage off and the music was absolutely on point. SO MANY BANGERS!! Whoever that DJ was, he deserves a prize. 

The journey home was interesting to say the least, my work had hired out a party bus. This had karaoke, unlimited alcohol and we could make our own playlist. It was so much fun, apart from if you tried to walk anywhere, you would 100% fall over. Oh and the toilet broke half way home which was basically torture. 

I was a bit apprehensive about going as all of my work didn't go, but I had such a good time regardless!! Good job work. Merry Christmas. 

Blogmas Day 6 - 2017 Christmas adverts

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

I may have a slight obsession with Christmas adverts and I am sure I am not the only one, as the internet also looses is shit when John Lewes releases their emotional 2 minute christmas story. ALL THE FEELS!! So I thought I would share my top 5 Christmas adverts of 2017!! Surprisingly ... John Lewes didn't even make the cut this year ... weak!!


5. I am sorry but this Lidl advert speaks to me on a personal level ... I love food and I love to eat. There's a whole series of little Christmas stories, but this ones my fave.

4 - The Argos advert this year is pretty cool, it reminds me of Arthur Christmas, which is one of my family's favorite Christmas movies. 

3. This video may be 5 minutes long, but it's part of Vodaphone's 6 part love story and it's so good, I love a Christmas love story. For some reason I can't link it properly, so here's the URL.

2. Aldi's Christmas advert was a very close number 1. I kind of want to move it to first place because it is that good. It is absolutely AMAZING and so so funny, I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Watch it below to see why I am all about the carrot, which Aldi are selling by the way.

1. My number 1 Christmas advert this year goes to M&S. Paddington is just so cute, nostalgic and current, so it relates to every member of the family. I love the innocence of it and the Christmas cheer, it's like Home alone meets Paddington, a perfect combo.

Blogmas Day 5 - Christmas wrrapping paper

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

I don't know why, but I love wrapping Christmas presents, I love making them look cute AF and I love making the weird shaped items look as awful as possible. I've had a little hunt on the internet and found some of the best Christmas wrap that I could find.

I love stags, they're so majestic and this black stag wrapping paper from Sainsbury's is so good. Black and gold as a combination is just everything.

This is actually the wrapping paper I brought this year as I thought it would look cute under my tree as the colours / patterns just complimented each other so well. It was from M&S and only £6 for 3 1.5 rolls, tags and ribbons. 

If you've never been on the Oh Deer website, then you've been missing out. It's full of cute illustrated, cards, gift wraps, gifts and so much more. The had this amazing Gemma Correl Santa pug christmas wrapping paper which is just amazing.

I BLOODY LOVE DINOSAURS!! And Paperchase have the cutest dino wrapping paper. It's £3.75 for a roll but it is 3 for 2, so you can't complain really.

This scandi wrapping paper is adorable, it's so festive and I love anything scandi so this paper is just everything. Similarly to the dinosaur paper, its £3.75 and in paper chases 3 for 2 offer. 

What colour combinations are you going for this year?

Blogmas Day 4 - Christmas socks

Monday, 4 December 2017

SOCKS GLORIOUS SOCKS!! I will never understand why this is such a universal gift, but neither the less I decided to search the internet to find the best Christmas socks I could. Because let's face it, if you're going to get socks why not have the best Christmas themed socks. 

Sleigh socks - New look - £2.49 - Sleigh my name. These are so cute and perfect for a low key Christmas celebration.

Boxer Dog socks - John Lewis - £12 -  Why are these considered Christmas socks? I don't know but they are as they came up when I searched for Christmas socks in the search bar, so I am counting them. Boxer dogs remind me of Christmas for some reason, I don know why ... Did Santa have one? 

Elf socks - Matalan - £5 - These made me laugh more than I would like to admit but aren't they amazing hahaha.

Ginger bread socks - Matalan - £1.75 - How adorable are these!! NEED!!

Santa Baby socks - Top shop - £3.50 - These are for people who want to have a subtly festive foot. I am into these!!

Do you have a favorite pair of Christmas socks?

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Blogmas Day 3 - Salon Success / Paul Mitchell Jingle & Mingle Event

Sunday, 3 December 2017

On the 16th of November myself and a few other Brighton bloggers were invited to the Salon Success Jingle and Mingle event at The Old Ship Hotel. Salon Success are a huge distributor of high end hair products to the hair dressing world, representing a portfolio of professional products and brands from Paul Mitchell® Luxury Hair Care and Kenra®

The event was held in "The Gallery", which felt like it was straight out of Hogwarts (which I loved obviously) but in real life it was actually smuggler's tunnels in the basement which have been reopened as wine cellars for events & private dining. FANCY AF!!

I went with my number one girl Tania aka Teabee. We were greeted by Amy and Mickaela who promptly handed us a glass of prosecco... which is the way to a millennial's heart, FACT. After chatting and mingling for a little while we then moved into the dining area.

The dining room was beautifully lit with candles to make it feel warm and romantic. The table was laid out with our name tags, Christmas crackers, wine and a ton of products which were ever so kindly gifted to us. The products were tailored to our individual hair needs, which was such a thoughtful touch.

The meal was amazing, to start we had a butternut squash soup with croutons, which actually tasted like magic, I have no idea how or why they tasted so good but I could live of them. For our main we had a traditional turkey Christmas dinner, my first Christmas dinner of the year I may add and for pudding we had popcorn topped sticky toffee pudding and no words can describe how tasty that was, only heart eye emojis will do 😍😍😍. 

After the meal, we had a chance to learn about the product's benefits, purposes and why Amy and Mickaela loved them too. The Marula Oil hair brush is the one I am most pumped about, I love hearing people rave about a product, it's gets me so excited to use it. 

I kindly received the Feeling Chipper gift set from Paul Mitchell, which is full of thickening products, which my fine ass desperately needs. As well as the Kenda revive shampoo and conditioner, which has made my hair feel so silky and look alive, as well as the Kenda Artformation hairspray which I have been using on a daily bases as it's perfect for holding that "I don't give a fuck" work hair style I tend to rock most mornings and Hot spray which is a heat protecting spray.

As the event was a few weeks ago now I have had the chance to use everything as the Marula Oil hair brush is my favorite.The Kenda conditioner is also another personal fave as my hair feels so so soft after using it... BUT THAT BRUSH THOUGH.

Thank you so much Amy & Mickaela for being wonderful hosts and to Salon Success / Paul Mitchell for having me!! Thank for you putting on an awesome evening. MERRY CHRISTMAS <3

Blogmas Day 2 - Christmas Party Outifts

Saturday, 2 December 2017 Brighton, UK

Last night I had my staff Christmas party, HORRAY!! It was amazing!! The venue was just incredible, I am not going to give anything away as that is a blogmas post for another day. I also don't think I am brave enough to post the photos of myself after 18 glasses of prosecco just yet.

Finding an outfit was particularly difficult this year, there were so many lovely things in the shops and I just couldn't choose what to wear. I was looking everywhere for inspiration and found a few pieces which I loved and hopefully you will too, just a heads up ... everything is black. OBVIOUSLY!!

1. ASOS start playsuit - £45

God I am obsessed. The little emo in me is drawn to the star trend that is around right now and I am into it in a BIG way. I'm in love with the mesh sleeves and I think playsuits are perfect for any occasion as you can easily dress them up or down. 

2. Spot Jumpsuit - £42

Jumpsuits are an all time favorite of mine, they're so comfy and they make me feel super chic when I wear them. I'de pair this jumpsuit with a fur jacket to feel all kind of glamorous or a leather jacket to give it some edge. 

3. Black lace skater dress - £40

This is a pretty basic dress, but I think skater dresses suit every body shape and are cute AF. I also love the sleeves, they're such a flattering length. The best thing about this dress is that you can dress it up or down, depending what type of party you're going to.

4. Floral mesh smock dress - £38

This dress is super cute, I don't know if I could pull of anything that feminine but it is beautiful.

5. Black sequin mini dress -£25.19

AKA the sexy mermaid dress of dreams, how cute would this look with a leather jacket and Chelsea boots. Ultimate outfit goals.

I hope that I've given you some inspiration on what to wear at your Christmas party, Christmas events or even on Christmas day. Let me know if you picked up any of these pieces, I would love to see.

Blogmas Day 1 - Brighton Christmas Markets

Friday, 1 December 2017 Brighton, UK


This is my first ever Blogmas, I thought I would welcome my absence with the insane challenge that is blogmas. I am equally excited as I am intimidated to commit to such a huge task, but I am fully invested and I hope my daily ramblings help you feel festive and get you into the Christmas Spirit. Without further adieu, lets's get cracking ;)

CHRISTMAS MARKETS!! I love them, you love them, your mum loves them, your partner secretly loves getting dragged to them. Let's be real, who doesn't enjoy walking around drinking mulled wine while looking at all the Christmasy things.

Image source -
Jubilee Square
17.11.2017 - 23.12.2017

Jubilee Square authentic, traditional Christmas market has lots of fun things going on. Food & drink stalls, confectionery, jewellery, clothing and so much more. They even have Santa's Grotto where you can tell the big man in person what you'd like for Christmas, or if you're worried he'll forget you can post your letter to Santa, which I honestly think is the cutest thing ever. I work just around the corner from here so I will definitely visiting here on my lunch break.

Palace Pier
02.12.2012 - 03.12.2017 
10am - 5pm

I had no idea that Palace Pier had there own Christmas Market. What more could you want if you're visiting Brighton for a little bit of Christmas shopping? They have locally sourced produce and retailers from the Sussex area as well as A SNOW MACHINE!! 

Brighton Marina
11am - 4pm

A Christmas Market with local products and produce from Sussex, as well a music and a free Santa's grotto. So if you're going out for lunch, afternoon tea, to ASDA to do your Christmas food shop, you have no excuse not to join in on the festivities. 

Image source -

The Etsy Christmas Market
The Brighton Dome
10am - 4pm

I love Etsy and I especially love the Etsy Christmas market. There are so many talented retailers selling their amazing products. They have homewares, jewellery, skincare, art and loads of contemporary gifts. So if you have that one relative *ahem my mum* that you never know what to get them, I am sure you will find loads of inspiration here.

Paper Daisy Events - Christmas Street Food and Makers Market
Brighthelm Centre
11am - 5pm

Street food ... probably one of my favorite combination of words, add in a Christmas theme and you've got yourself an unmissable event. The facebook event is completely selling this to me. Street food, a choir, a live band, face painting, a treasure hunt, as well as loads of makers selling some awesome merchandise. You can also expect a visit from Santa and his Elves. 

Image source -

Wild Strawberry events - The Big Christmas Gift Fair

Brighton Race Course
02.12.2017 - 03.12.2017 
10:30am - 5pm

There is a huge craft and gift fair at Brighton Race course with over 100 stalls, which sounds insane!! Story time of Santa (another adorable idea but it does cost £1), as well as face painting and a crafts table. You do have to pay to get in, but it looks like there's a lot to look at and take in so treat yourself, parking is also free.

So blogmas day 1, how did I do? Will you be checking out any Christmas markets this year? I know I will, now pass me the mulled wine.

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