Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016 has been awful. To date, it was probably the worst year ever, for me personally and the rest of the world, I am still not over Alan Rickman passing. From July to October I totally lost who I was as a person due to stress, pressure and constant failure. I had hit rock bottom, I could barely recognise myself, which was really tough for me and the people closest to me. But with support from the amazing people in my life I managed to pick myself back. I feel like I am becoming myself again and things are slowly getting back on track. 

As sucky as it has been, lets talk about the great things that happened in 2016.

Number one. I met Tania! It feels strange that I met her in the toilets at Slam Dunk only 8 months ago, but now she's one of my favorite people in the whole wide world and I couldn't imagine life with out her. We've had loads of random adventures already and here's to a million more in 2017. LOVE YOU GURL!!

Number two. FLORIDA!! Oh my goodness. Florida. I've wanted to go for years but it took me forever to persuade Sean to go. On new years eve 2015 we decided to book it for Halloween 2016 and what made it even better, is that in April, Shell (my bestie) and Ryan (my male bestie / Shell's fiance) decided to gate crash, they booked to come with and that took my excitement from a 12/10 to a 10 million / 10. I had the most magical time, words can't even explain how incredible it was. I would do anything to re-live those 2 weeks over and over. 

Number three. I rekindled relationships with so many people this year and made more time for the people that mean the most to me. Which is something which has really brightened up my year in a big way. 

Number four. I started to loose weight and I am learning to love and appreciate my body

Number five. I sorted out my finances. How adult of me!! 

Number six. I started this blog, it was meant to be my new years resolution but I started early. I have had just over 500 page views since starting a little over a month ago. Which I am mega shocked about, so thank you.

I could not be happier to see the back of 2016. Here is to 2017, I am so determined to make you my bitch!! 
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Let's make this one count.  


  1. Omg this made me super emosh! I was just writing you in my faves too! Love you lots and lots ❤❤❤

  2. We are in love, haven't you heard. How we rock each others worldddddd <3 <3 <3


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